Arganic nominated for Great Exhibition 2012

Arganic, one of the exciting new companies we built a site for, has been nominated as a "Great" in The Great Exhibition 2012. Here's a little snippet from Arganic founder Dana Elemara, from her post on The Platform:

The idea for my business, Arganic, came about when a family friend was raving about argan oil and mentioned she couldn’t find it in the UK. I looked it up and found it very intriguing. I had to find out more about this ‘liquid gold of Morocco’. I called a few friends out there and arranged my first trip. It was love at first taste! The nutty oil was delicious and the story behind it even better. The argan tree grows in the South West of Morocco only and can be found nowhere else in the world. It takes approximately 15 hours and 30kg of fruit to produce just one litre. The process involves handwork and techniques that have been passed down among the Berber people for generations. It gets even better because the production of the oil provides jobs for poor and uneducated women; it gives them a chance at independence.

Why not check out Arganic's page on the Great Exhibition site and vote for them?